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HTC Vive Pro Specification and Price

HTC Vive Pro Specification and Price
HTC Vive Pro Specification and Price

HTC Vive Pro Specification and Price


HTC Vive Pro Specification and Price
HTC Vive Pro Specification and Price




Described as Hive’s most fully featured headset to date, the HTC Vive Pro is the sequel to the Vive virtual reality system from 2016. The new professional grade VR headset brings along some improvements, as expected, including a sharper display and improved audio.


The head straps of the set are now more comfortable, featuring a face cushion. Aside comfort, this will also help to block outside light that could reduce how immersive the experience should be. It loses the foam of the HTC Vive for soft clothes. The area around the face is also bigger by roughly 24 percent.



The Vive Pro still features Dual AMOLED displays like its predecessor, although it is slightly smaller. But users can expect sharper images from this one. Screen resolution is now 2,888 x 1,600 pixels for a very high pixel density of 615 ppi. That’s an improvement of about 37 percent in ppi.


Better audio performance is on the cards with the HTC Vive Pro. It now packs integrated headphones, which are removable. These attach securely to the improved, cosy strap. The headset has Hi-Res Audio certification, which means you may expect impressive sound.


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The Vive Pro delivers 3D spatial audio – basically another way of describing immersive sound. It features dual microphones that support active noise cancellation. There are modes that enable you stay alert to what is happening around you while immersed in the virtual experience.


Other Features

There are two cameras on the front of the HTC Vive Pro, which is an improvement of what the Vive offered. This can better help to keep users from bumping into objects in their environment with the headset on.

It will support sensors capable of tracking wider area than the HTC Vive – precisely, 10 meters x 10 meters. There is also talk of a wireless adapter that uses WiGig technology, promising 60GHz data transfer. Connectivity features include USB Type-C 3.0 and DisplayPort 1.2.

HTC Vive Pro Price and availability

The HTC Vive Pro is available at a price of $799 (€879) for head mounted device (HMD) only. This price does not include the motion controllers, base stations, and Vive Wireless adapters.

The motion controllers costs $130 each, while the base stations cost $135 each. The HTC Vive Pro starter pack which includes the HMD with two motion controllers and two base stations.


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