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Amref International University Tenders 2019/2020 | Special Invitation


Amref International University invites Tenders from Contractors for Notice 2019/2020 is Out. The Institution invites Tenders from registered contractors.

Amref International University Tenders 2019/2020

The Management of this University (AIU) has announced the Tenders for the 2019 / 2020 Academic Session. The Tenders on Descriptions You are Undertaking. There are different tenders for and classes of registration.

Amref International University Tenders 2019/2020 | Special Invitation

The Pan African Christian University invites Tender Notice for 2019/2020 – Amref International University invites tenders from registered contractors for tenders: –

–>> Go to the Tenders 2019 Page

General Requirement of every Tenderer

1) Bidders in the target group who feel they lack the capacity for this tender are encouraged to have a partnership agreement with other established entity and the role of the parties to the agreement must be clearly defined. The Lead Role must be the entity from Special group. Both or/all entities party to the agreement submitted will be liable to contractual obligation in case of an award.
2) For joint ventures, bidders must submit signed agreements and Power of Attorney Where transportation of garbage is outsourced, attach proof – i.e. contract/agreement and Power of Attorney. The Amref International University at its discretion may authenticate the contract/agreement.
3) A tender must score a minimum mark of 70% to qualify for financial evaluation. The School will conduct due diligence on the clients that will have been provided to determine the tenderers capability/capacity to provide the required services.
4) The due diligence report will comprise assessment of the bidders‘ ability to perform the work. The Evaluation Committee shall visit Clientele sites provided by the bidder during the post-evaluation stage to determine:
a) The bidder’s capacity to discharge duties of similar nature and magnitude comparable to the university/works & services being tendered
b) Quality of service offered by the bidder shall be established by the Evaluation Committee to previous clients.
c) Customer Satisfaction of previous clients. – Amref International University Tenders 2019/2020.


Click Here ->> See Admission Letters

Interested eligible candidates may download tender documents free of charge from the website; www.ru.ac.ke or Kenya Government tenders portal http//www.tenders.go.ke.

NB: Interested bidders should assemble at the Main Campus at 10.00 am.

Completed Tender Documents in a plain sealed envelope indicating the “TENDER NUMBER AND NAME” without identifying the sender should be addressed to:
The Vice Chancellor,
Amref International University.
and placed in the Tender Box at the Vice- Chancellor’s office ON OR BEFORE THE DEADLINE. Opening of bids will take place immediately thereafter at Conference hall in the presence of bidders / their representatives who may choose to attend. Amref International University Tenders 2019/2020.

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