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Nicki Minaj Announces That She’s Retiring(NEWS)


Nicki Minaj Announces That She’s Retiring.
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Nicki Minaj

Is Nicki Minaj hanging up the mic?

On Thursday, the Queen announced that she plans to retire from music and start a family. “I’ve decided to retire & have my family. I know you guys are happy now,” tweeted Nicki before asking her fans to continue to hold her down. “To my fans, keep reppin me, do it til da death of me, ❌ in the box- cuz ain’t nobody checkin me. ✅ Love you for LIFE 😘♥️🦄.”

Naturally, her legions of fans didn’t react too well to the thought of their leader calling it quits, posting their reactions on Twitter.

If true, the announcement comes as a surprise as Nicki had previously announced that she was working on her fifth album with a mystery executive producer. “We’re about to start prepping for the fifth thing-thing and I’m really excited about it,” she said last month during Queen Radio.

Nicki had previously shared her plans to start a family. She and her boyfriend Kenneth Petty took a trip to the Beverly Hills Courthouse to get their marriage license in July and plan to wed this year. “I’m not saying I’m pregnant. That’s the end goal,” she said.

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